I'm a wife, mother and artist. Creation takes on many forms for me and I try to embrace them all. I love to see others discover creation in their own form for their own life. It's in us all the power to create, we just have to let it out.

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Sometimes I say things I Shouldn’t

Today hopefully I won’t.  I am an artist & mother of 2, along with being a creative type for me comes a scattered brain & an inability to hold my tongue when I should. Luckily I now have this buffer zone where I get to write and share my thoughts about this & that, that & this.  Mostly about anything pertaining to art, design and children. I have a BFA in painting and drawing so I mostly oil paint & do modern paper cut images that were initially inspired by my children.  You can also visit me and see most of my art work over at my personal blog www.comeflyover.blogspot.com & check out some goods at my etsy shop.   www.papersedge.etsy.com

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  1. Rachael 03/23/2010 at 4:47 pm

    Beautiful work! So excited about your blog with us! And maybe if I became an artist I would be able to hold my tongue better too . . .:)