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Food for thought…and for dating…

USU offers ‘Food 4 Thought’ classes that not only improve your cooking competence, but also your relationship skills.  So whether your cooking and/or relationship expertise lacks pizazz, flavor, or fun you have got to sign up for these pleasurable workshops!  My husband and I grabbed our matching aprons (cheese included here and yet I love it..thanks to my Gram Lacy for hooking us up w/them) and headed to Provo for an exciting date night full of pasta, laughs, learning, and good eatin’.

Susan and Jana

This was such a fun evening for us!  According to the experts, Jana and Susan, making pasta is like making a relationship:  it takes time, the right ingredients, effort, skill, and once it’s made it’s irresistible!  Cooking and relationships are a science and yet there’s no right or wrong way to achieve the final product.  Here are a few of the key points from the night:

*Take the time~pasta/relationships are an engaging process

*Your hands will get dirty~arguments/mess ups, but the end result is worth it!  Work through it and wash it off

*Kneading~helps make your pasta/relationship smooth and soft w/effort  (never over knead or over argue an issue…it will make positive results a lot tougher)

*Let your dough (issue) rest~allow the time it takes to reclaim your emotions

*Don’t want to overfill raveoli~don’t tell all your neighbors your secrets and show them your ‘dirty water’

*Remember to invest yourself and take the time to enjoy the process of both pasta making and relationship building

I have got to say that this is one of the best dates that we have been on.  We talked, we created, we ate, and we enjoyed!

There are lots of up coming events and I hope you check them out…

Utah State University Extension/Utah County

100 E Center Street L600

Provo, UT 84606

(801) 343-8460

Jana Darrington, M.S.

Family and Consumer Science Agent


Fresh Egg Pasta

(Adapted from-The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles given to us by the USU staff)

2 Cups all purpose flour

3 large eggs, slightly beaten

Break eggs into bowl and whisk slightly.  Add flour and combine until a dough forms. If dough is too dry add a little bit of water; if dough is too sticky add a little bit of flour.  Knead about 1-2 min.

Use rolling pin or long dowel to roll out.  Turning over and dusting often, until almost paper thin.

Pasta may be hand cut like above using a pizza cutter, or use a pasta machine.   If using immediately, lay flat on damp cloth to keep noodles from drying out.  Otherwise don’t cover, but allow pasta to dry (use a pasta rack, over the back of a chair, hanger, or dowels).

Place noodles in boiling water for 2-3 min (to al dente).

Add sauce and Buon Appetito!!!

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  1. Rachael 05/12/2010 at 4:41 am

    My husband would LOVE this! I'm going to need to sign up us — he told my kids we were moving to France the other day so he could go to chef school! 🙂 Great post and pics!