Books with Personality!

During our library, bookstore and children’s boutique visits we LOVE when we find a book where the storyline is something unique. We love when it just oozes personality and makes us all giggle. Here are some of our favorites that fit that category:

Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks and Sue Hendra. As soon as you see this book the funky, bright-colored monsters catch your eye. They are colorful enough to not be scary but not softened so much to the point where they don’t look like monsters either! The monsters don’t like broccoli in this book, but by the end, they are munching on it! The parts that make us laugh are when the monsters burp after a great meal, when they eat spaceships with forks and the fact that they ARE eating broccoli at the end and don’t even know it.

Joey and Jet in Space by James Yang is full of dogs, spaceships, robots and adventure. Who wouldn’t love that? I love the digital pen & ink drawings. It’s almost like a really colorful comic book. The gadgets in the book are very imaginative. The fun relationship between the boy and his dog is cute, and this is a book you’ll find yourself reading over and over and over.

Boris and the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodgkinson. I love illustrators who use collage techniques in their books and this one does a great job at it. It tells the tale of a mouse who takes the cat’s shadow while the cat is sleeping! The cat sets out to get rid of his new mouse shadow and reclaim his cat shadow. They both learn a little about what the other goes through and end up really loving who they are.

For Just One Day by Laura Leuck and Marc Boutavant is a book I love because it helps you and your child explain your imagination. You really feel part of the story instead of just looking at it from the outside. You feel very included. You imagine yourself as chimp, whale and butterfly.

Think outside the box and pick up a few books you wouldn’t normally try. You might be surprised to find a whole new style of books that you and your child really enjoy!

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