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Burn calories while spring cleaning

HouseworkI hate spring cleaning. In fact, I avoid it like I do any dessert that doesn’t include chocolate. But it’s often a necessity when the fan is blowing dust around the room and you know something’s growing in the back of the fridge.

For many, exercise is as necessary an evil as cleaning, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Get your cleaning done and burn a few extra calories in the process. You’ll end up with clean baseboards and a more tone backside. It almost makes investing in a Swiffer worth it. Here are a few quick and easy ways to throw a little extra exercise into your weekly cleaning (or bi-weekly in my case—life is too short to clean every week). I found this great info from Hearth Healthy Living, a fab site for healthy lifestyle tips and tricks.

Tip #1:  Get up and go while chatting on the phone

I love this tip because it’s right up my alley. I am a chronic multitasker both online and off. I make phone calls while folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and picking up toys. I can’t think of the last time I actually sat down to talk on the phone. I’m sure there’s a time and place, but walking around and moving while chatting will burn a few extra calories. (Of course, walking to the pantry for a snack is not recommended.)

Tip #2: Get off the couch while watching TV

I’ve already posted about the wonder that is ExerciseTV from On Demand, but you can also exercise and burn calories while watching your favorite TV shows. During commercial breaks, grab some light dumbbells and do a few  bicep curls or tricep push-backs. Grab a chair and do dips. You can even drop and do some push-ups. Have stairs? Quickly run up and down a few times for some good cardio and glute action.

Tip #3: Combine laundry folding with a few good squats

I pretty much do laundry when we’re finally down to the last pair of clean underwear. That means the pile is pretty darn high when I get around to folding it. I like to throw in some squats while folding: every time I grab something from the basket I do a squat. (Make sure you use proper form with knees behind the toes!) It’s amazing how many squats you can do when you’re laundry pile is serious competition for the Empire State Building!

See how easy it is to throw mini workouts into your day? I bet you could come up with a few creative moves while doing your spring cleaning or gardening. (If you have a few, please share!).

One last thing I love including in my day is some good stretching. Before bed, often while watching David Letterman (I prefer Conan O’Brien but alas, his late show is no more), I sit on the floor and do some basic stretching. It not only burns calories but also keeps me flexible AND helps me relax before bed. I swear it works as well as melatonin for helping me fall asleep. Gotta love that!

Image by rachel a. k., shared via Flickr.

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