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Staying Healthy While Working

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Metabolism is a funny thing – especially as you get older.  I’ve noticed that my body just doesn’t seem to burn off those donuts as quickly and easily as it did when I was 21!  Combine that “diet” with a job the requires a lot of sitting, and it’s an invitation for the clothes to not fit like they used to.

If you have a position that doesn’t allow for constant movement or exercise, try coordinating these ideas into your routine to keep your body active and metabolism (somewhat) high.

1. Content of your lunch box. If you take your own lunch from home, you’re in control of what you eat and spend.  Plus, you can assure your lunch consists of the healthy foods (like fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.) that your body needs.  Make sure to include healthy snacks for those in-between times when you get the munchies, so you’re not tempted to buy a “Love It” size of Cold Stone chocolate ice cream with peanut butter.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.

2.  Plan ahead. Prepare what you’ll be taking for lunch the night before.  Many times in the morning, I get lazy, or running late, and end up having to purchase something once lunchtime rolls around.  Not only am I spending money I wanted to limit, but I’m also eating more calories than I had planned.   I also try and keep individual-sized Tupperware containers in the refrigerator with leftovers, ready for the “running-out-the-door” mornings when necessary.

3. Move your legs! Every employee is entitled to multiple breaks during the work schedule (depending on the length of the shift).  Use that time to get up and walk around.  If you are able to leave your facility, get outside and breathe in some fresh air.  Soak in some sunshine.  Stretch your legs.   And make that walk worth something.  Grab a pedometer, or just make sure you’re moving at a brisk pace.  Sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on your body and posture!  If not able to go outside, take advanage of the stairs.  Or just stand and stretch at your desk.  Give your eyes a break from the computer screen, and your back a break from being hunched over that desk!

4. Drink water. As you’ve always heard, your body needs plenty of water to keep hydrated.  As much as our bodies may depend on a little Dr. Pepper or coffee to keep us “alert” on the job, try to limit that intake as much as possible.  With water, you’re not adding more calories to your already stationary body, plus you’re keeping your system clean.

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