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Time-Saving Ideas to Celebrate Summer

Ever since I was sixteen years old, I’ve had a job – of some sort.  And ever since then, I’ve longed for a “summer vacation” similar to those the school kids get!  Unfortunately, our working schedules remain the same, regardless of the season.  But you still want to take advantage of the summer heat and all the seasonal traditions that go right along with it!

I’ve compiled a list of activities that don’t require much time or preparation, and allow you to spice up that limited time you have to spend with your children after work (with links for help from fellow bloggers).

* Blow bubbles

* Run through the sprinklers

* Roast hot dogs and s’mores in a park/mountains

* Play hopscotch

* Make lemonade

* Go on a “picture walk”

* Bake/make your favorite treat together

* Visit the library

* Feed ducks at a local pond

* Have a bike parade

* Pitch a tent in the backyard

* Make your own popsicles

* Hold a car wash

* Hold a bike wash

* Plant a garden/flowers

* Color on the sidewalk with chalk

* Set up a slip-n-slide in the backyard

* Go on a treasure hunt

* Have a hula hoop contest

* Jump the rope;  double dutch if enough people

* Make play-dough

* Hunt for roly polies or other bugs

* Visit a local Farmer’s Market

* Attend a parade

* Go fishing

* Kick a soccer ball

* Read a good book

* Visit your local zoo

* Make paper airplanes, have flying contests

* Decorate rocks with paint

* Make your own ice cream

* Make your own sand art

* Have a pajama party

* Go to an outdoor concert

* Have your own outdoor movie night

* Watch birds, learn about the different species

* Go on a hike

* Hold a family service project

* Play board games on a blanket outside

* Fill water balloons for games

* Fill squirt guns and play water “tag”

* Take your dog (or neighbor’s dog) for a walk

* Maintain a journal for the summer

* Set up a lemonade stand

What are YOUR plans this summer?

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  1. amy 06/12/2010 at 4:19 am

    i love this list. and i love that they really are do-able after work. i'm adding many of these to our summer list.