Girl Scouts of Utah is building the leaders of today… and tomorrow. Since 1920, Girl Scouts of Utah has been the organization of choice for girls in grades K–12.

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Celebrating Cookie Achievements

Top Cookie Seller Jessica from Grantsville

By Ashley Bunk

On Saturday, June 5, Girl Scouts of Utah held its annual Cookie Awards Party at the Davis County Fair Park in Farmington. This event honored the girls who made the 2010 Cookie Program a success. The celebration featured carnival games, workshops, food, an active dance floor and a live DJ. Over 1,600 people attended, including 900 Girl Scouts.

Highlights of the 2010 Cookie Program
In 2010, Girl Scouts of Utah’s amazing supporters across the state purchased 1,495,260 boxes of the beloved cookies (Thin Mints continue to be the favorite cookie, followed by Samoas). This was also a year of records. Utah Girl Scouts were honored with the highest per-girl average in the nation (the average Girl Scout sold 285 boxes of cookies in 2010). Now, that’s impressive!

Top Cookie Sellers
The Cookie Party paid special honor to Utah’s top three sellers. The 2010 Top Cookie Seller, Jessica G. from Grantsville, sold 3,752 boxes of cookies.  The second top seller was Maya M. from Willard (3,350 boxes) and the third top seller was Jessica S. from Layton (2,517 boxes).

“[Today] represents all the hard work I’ve done and everything I’ve accomplished,” said Top Cookie Seller, Jessica G., at the Cookie Party. She noted that the Cookie Program is a unique learning experience for girls. “It has given me money skills, communication skills and life skills I wouldn’t have had without it.”

The Girl Scout Cookie Program
The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the nation’s premier entrepreneurship program for girls. The Cookie Program develops a wide range of skills, including goal setting, money management, teamwork and public speaking. All proceeds generated from the Girl Scouts of Utah Cookie Program stay in Utah.

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