I'm a wife, mother and artist. Creation takes on many forms for me and I try to embrace them all. I love to see others discover creation in their own form for their own life. It's in us all the power to create, we just have to let it out.

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Collecting original art can be intimidating. Many of us would love to begin to collect but don’t know where to start & are maybe not quite ready to make the investment. Summer is the perfect time to set aside all those insecurities about buying original & get your feet wet.  There are numerous art festivals, gallery strolls & even more open air art markets going on. Take advantage of these opportunities to stroll around, look at art in a non-intimidating environment & personally meet the artist.  Find out what you like.  We all relate to some more than others, so take the time to really observe the art. It may mean something totally different to you then it does to the actual artist & that’s okay.  If the piece is visually appealing to you and better yet also holds some sentimental meaning, then those are good indications that it belongs on your wall. Once you live with original art it’s hard to taint your walls with anything else….

Originals enhance creativity in your home & create moods or feelings that will influence all who enter. Make sure it reflects your personal style & evokes the kind of mood you want in your home. Making you think is a good thing too.  The best part about summer festival shopping? The price is nice. With festivals or open air markets the middle man (gallery) is not involved so the savings is passed on to you, the buyer. Many avid collectors wait specifically for these festivals to grow their collection at the best price.  They will fly in from all over the country just to purchase from their favorite artist at the Park City Arts Festival for a great price.  Many artists offer things at several price points as well. So you may not want to spring for the 11×14 oil painting, but the 8×10 watercolor sketch might be perfect for you & your wallet.

Check out these local festivities to make your first original purchase or add to your collection & make a memory along the way.

& towards the end of summer

Visit www.kimballartcenter.org for more info

Painting by Rose Datoc Dall

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  1. amyallenjohnson 09/01/2010 at 8:22 pm

    My first original art purchase was at a local fundraiser for American Lung Assoc. With the artists on hand and a good cause to motivate, I finally bit the bullet and bought a oil painting that reminded me of my sweet hubby–a stand of trees right after a rain storm.. LOVE IT! Every day I walk by and think, “I'm so glad I bought this!” even if it was a bit scary.