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Piggy bank, piggy bank..

How many piggy banks do you have in your house? I have 6. Why do I have 6 when I have 2 kids. Well, piggy banks are just so dang cute, and I really do want to fill them. But how?

My mom always told me to carry some cash on me just in case. In the world of debit/credit, why carry any cash at all? Well, I was talking with my mom one day and she said that she had a piggy bank for all 3 of us kids, and when she went to the store and got her change back she would put the change in each piggy bank. Know, since us 3 kids are a few years apart, me being 7 & 9 years from my brother and sister, I had a little bit more change in my piggy bank.

After she filled the piggy bank, she would take it in and deposit the money into our savings account. When there was enough money in there she’d open up a Certificate of Deposit or Term Deposit for a year so we’d earn a bit more interest. Then she’d have a year to fill the piggy bank back up.

Sounds wierd, but when I wanted to buy a car for my 19th birthday she cashed one of my CD’s in and we were able to put a few thousand dollars down on a car.

Every little bit helps.

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