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Can you live without?

I was reading an article about a married couple who got rid of everything but 100 items and I thought to myself, “would I be able to do that?” It said that they donated items to charity, sold their vehicles and moved to a 400 square foot apartment. Holy Cow, really!

Would all of us be able to live with out all of our “STUFF”? What stuff do we actually need in our daily life? Since the article came out a while back I thought how much crap do I have that I never use? I decided to take the steps to live a little bit more simply to see what I could start out doing. It took them 3 years to down size, so I’m wondering if I could do that, too.

Here is where I started. While I make my grocery list and head out to the grocery store, I check my house before I go out. I found that I was spending more money on items that I had already stocked up on. Yes it might be a good deal at the time, but why buy more when you already have it at the house. So I made a note in my mind, it goes, ” When you get down to your last two items, then you can go buy more and stock up”. So far this little step has worked wonders. I figured how much I would have spent to how much I actually did spend and I have saved almost $300, YEP $300 in a few weeks. That’s a huge savings.

So, the first simple step to living without is to check to see what you have first before you go out and buy it. It will end up saving you A LOT of money throughout the year.

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  1. Carriefinlinson 08/24/2010 at 7:17 pm

    Good tip. When you par down to only what you NEED, things change. Thanks.