Bouncin’ Off the Walls

OK parents, listen up!!  You only come across a birthday party location like Bouncin’ Off the Walls every so often.  We have had parties at Bouncin’ off the Walls more than we have had them at home.  My kids love the place!  But I think I love this place more, I mean come on how could you not love going down the big slide  or taking down your kids (or husband) in the bounce house!

Now before you tell yourself there is know way you can afford it, think again.  You’d spend maybe $50 to $75 less on an at home party, but then you have to clean up and take the next day to recover.  I say save yourself the headache and have the amazing staff take care of it all for you. They referree the slide to make sure you don’t have any accidents, set up your room for you, get bandaids for slide burns (yes it does get a little crazy) and will probably do a little dance if you asked them.  All in all I’m bouncin’ for Bouncin’ off the Walls:)

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