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Shop that list & save money

From one of my posts “Savings in a pinch” I talked about where our money goes. I have shopped my list at the grocery store and here are my results. This is over the past 3 weeks.

Wal-mart- $67.71  – 20 things on my list- bought 6 items off my list- coupons used. Grocery list: 2 gallons of milk, 10 yogurt’s, 1 cheese, 1 cottage cheese, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 loaves of bread, 1 bag of cat food, banana’s

Winco- $78.92  – 25 things on my list- bought 7 items off my list- no coupons used. Grocery list: 2 gallons of milk, 5 frozen pizza’s, 2 loaves of bread, 4 boxes of cereal, 2 packages of water, 4 bags of chips, 1 bag hamburger buns, 1 bag hot-dog buns, 1 pkg of hotdogs, 1 muffin mix, 1 jelly, 1 peanut butter.

Harmon’s $14.45- 5 things on my list- bought 1 item off my list- no coupons used. Grocery list: 1 gallon of milk, 1 bag cat food, 1 marinara sauce, 2 pkg lassanga noodles

By sticking to our list of things that we actually need we will save money over time. I have cut our budget down so that we can save a few extra dollars each paycheck. I have realized that for me the best trick not to go off that list was to put the amount I had in my checking to spend for food, right at the top and then middle of my list. That way it kept me in check with the amount of items off of my list I took.

Oh, the other trick was to go to the store with a full stomach, that way the treat isle didn’t look that appealing.

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