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School Homework Resources On The Cheap!


For most of us, the offspring have been back in school now for a couple of weeks, long enough to rotate through all the new outfits and gossip about who’s “super cute!” this year.  It’s just about now that backpacks are dragged bitterly into the house with whines of “not tonight!  I’m sooooo tired!”  (Editor’s note: or like me, you’ve been caught calling your engineer brother to make him explain 5th grade math to you.)

Fortunately, there is online help:

unlogged_home_3 love this one!  Students can build a beautifully illustrated storybook with a simple click and drag for artwork and text–that’ll kick butt in English!  It’s free to build a book, but printing the little fella will cost you. skip the wailing over having to read “War and Peace” the night before the exam, this clever little reader offers a quick synopsis of classic literature, and even art and history.  They’ll even paraphrase into pop culture lingo to help your teen “get it.”  It’s not free–but the highest fee I saw was $5.00, most were 99 cents. you’re big on the flashcards (got me through Pre-Law, honey!) here’s the best site for creating online flash cards–the best part?  It was developed by a teenager who allows you to share your homework with other friends via social networking.  The basic system is free

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