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“Club 800”

Have you heard there’s an 800 club? Who’s in it and how do we get in? The 800 club is an elusive club that takes years to get in. I found out the few things to do to get in. The 5 main ingredients to get in the 800 club are this… 1. your payment history, 2. the amount you owe on credit lines and loans, 3. the length of your credit history, 4. how much new credit you’ve applied for, and 5. the types of accounts you’ve had.

Yep, you guessed it, the elusive 800 club is your credit score. The “Perfect Score” is 850

There is less than 1% of the population who has that Perfect Score. In my 13 years of finance I have seen 2 of those 850 scores, and both 850 scores, those people were over 70 years old.  It takes time and patience to obtain that score, but it is achievable.

If we all do those 5 main things to help our score, we can achieve “Club 800”

Reference: myfico.com   credit.com

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