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Check out some major fun @ Boondocks in Draper.  Our family spent the afternoon there (for a family day w/my hubby’s work).  We all had a really fab time.  If you have a large group that needs a host…Boondocks will totally hook you up.  The lunch provided was tasty and all the activities available kept the little ones busy and the big ones entertained.  Here’s some of what they offer:

Kid’s love to play games…I know we spent our fair share of time in the Arcade!

Current Boondocks features:

  • 2-story Lasertron arena, role playing 40 famous heroes and villains.
  • 45 video games
  • 96 ticket reward games
  • 9 prize case games
  • 3-story Kiddie Cove gated soft play area including some arcade games just for little people
  • 29 shooting games, including a large shooting gallery
  • 10 race car games, networked for competition
  • 4 motorcycle games
  • 2 speedboat games, networked for competition
  • 2 ski mobile games
  • 2 full size air hockey tables
  • 6 ski ball alleys
  • 4 big basketball games
  • Max Flight simulator offering 20 different rides including 2 space voyages, 2 bob sled rides, 2 helicopter rides, 6 rollercoaster rides, and air combat games with a choice of 8 different aircraft.
  • 10-seat XD Theater featuring: Jett and Jin, Cosmic Coaster, Haunted Mine and Canyon Coaster
  • Madwave Motion Theater featuring: Fantasy Rider, Haunted Mine, Toy Coaster, Road Fury, Fright Night and Arctic Run
  • Tsumo motion pod game featuring: Air Strike, Air Raid, Star Wars Star Fighter, Beach Head, Crimson Skies and Mech Warrior 4
  • In the Groove competition dance game
  • Guitar Hero
  • A 4-frame photo booth
  • H2Overdrive (2)
  • Need For Speed Carbon, (4 networked race cars)
  • The Giant Crane, (a 512 cubic foot giant claw game)
  • Popular:
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Price Is Right featuring: Safecracker, Plinko and Cliffhangers
  • Smokin Token (4)
  • Big Bass Wheel
  • Razing Storm
  • Big Buck Safari

Slick Track offers Boondocks guests a different racing experience! In the “The Eagle” go-kart, riders race around a 440-foot track with slick surface that makes your race filled with slippery thrills.

No driver’s license? No problem! Here’s a track designed for our younger guests between 48″ and 60″ tall. Parents will delight in the smiles of their child as they race around this 440-foot long track.You’ll love our two elaborately themed 18-hole miniature golf courses, home to a 30-foot, 3-story volcano, with 2 challenging holes located inside the volcano! But BEWARE, this volcano can erupt at any time. Other highlights include an angry Tiki Man who blows smoke, water, and fire, a fire-breathing lizard, waterfalls, suspended bridges, and unique holes to challenge even the serious golfer.

Kids can jump, swing, play, climb and slide in our giant, four-story tall, soft play area. A 32′ x 24′ x 20′ interactive adventure that includes two 16′ double slides, bungee wall, spiral web climb, three (3) web ramps, rodeo rider room, and more!

Gentlemen (…and ladies too!) … START YOUR ENGINES! Step into the hottest new go-kart on the market, the King Scorpion, and get ready for a hair-raising ride as you make your way around this 1,100-foot long, 30-foot wide track of hair pinned and banked turns.

Seated in an inner tube like boat, 100,000 gallons of water will surround you as you try and steer your way through dizzying spins, a water fountain located in the center of the lagoon, and fellow boaters and park guests try to drench you with their Master Blasters.

Normal Operating Hours:

SUN-THUR: 10am – 10 pm
FRI – SAT: 10am – Midnight
Unlimited Fun
General Unlimited Fun (60” and above) $24.95
Junior Unlimited Fun (under 60”) $18.95


Unlimited Packages will be available during the following times;

  • Monday through Friday, 4:00pm – Closing
  • Saturday, Sunday, Specific Holidays, 10:00am – Closing

If you are thinking of giving up work for the day to head over…DO IT!  Check out Boondocks site for more info…

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