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Going out gratitude-alicious…

It’s amazing how one event, choice, or trial can significantly change the course of your entire future.  Everything I do, don’t do, say, or don’t say seems to mold me as a person.  One of the things that has had the biggest effect on my life is the realization of the power of gratitude.  The simple fact of  giving thanks.

I know…I know.  You’re wondering what gratitude has to do with being ‘out and about’?  The way I see it is this:  It’s a month of thanks.  A month of feast.  A month you get to put on those elastic waisted sweats and eat pumpkin pie and turkey until it’s nap time (then wake up and try the apple pie too).  It’s also a month of FaMiLy…some of us travel to be with our loved ones.  Some of us only get to have a convo on the phone.  Some will share it with friends, who although may not be blood related are true family.  Whomever you decide to share the blessings of abundance with be sure to show sincere gratitude.  Too often when we are ‘out and about’ we become oblvious to all the great things to be thankful for.

This month (a month of Thanksgiving) I challenge all of you to verbalize your gratitude to EVERYONE.  I know this isn’t easy, at least not for me.  I mean sure I tell the women checking out my groceries a quick :  “thanks”, and a “you have a nice day too”, but I need to take the time to really smile and tell her I appreciate the job she does.  I have to mention the fact that I am so heavy with gratitude for my husband, kids, and extended family that I would actually keep you reading until Chrissy if I expressed it all on here, so I will save it for them personally.  I am truly full of gratitude to those who help me on the daily, those whom I have for a short season in life for whatever reason, those who I know will be there no matter what, and those who seem to go unnoticed.  I sooo am thanking all of them AND all of you.  Now get ‘out and about’ and get on your gratitude-alicious-ness (hope that sounds as cool out loud as it does in my head)!

p.s.  I know this comic is so wrong…I’m not sure where the original came from (I’ve had it on my comp for a couple of years now), but I am hooking up some thanks to all those people who add laughter to the world…you rock!

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