tile trivets

A few paint strokes on a flooring tile and you have a great and useful gift. We went the pandering to Grandma route, but you can certainly paint anything and if you have an older artist they can create a  masterpiece and then enjoy a little praise at each family meal.


1 flooring tile (I think 8×8 is perfect, it also good to stay away from the slick finishes. A rougher surface will hold the paint better.)
ceramic paints or acrylic craft paint with a coat of sealer
paint brushes
felt or fun foam to line the back of the tile
hot or craft glue
permanent marker

This really isn’t too complicated. Start by gluing felt or fun foam to the back of the tile. This will keep it from scratching Grandma’s table (wink). Then let your child paint away. I used a permanent marker to write around the edge and create a border.If you are using acrylic craft paint, it will be best to add a coat of sealer to protect the surface against scratches.

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