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Small ways we can save part 2

Here are some more tips on how we all can save. My previous article “Small ways we can all save money” had grocery store, home cooked meals and budgeting. Here are some other tips on how we can save money.

1. Avoid any ATM that does not have their symbol on the back of your card. If any of those symbols are NOT on the ATM, it will charge you any where from $1.00 to $6.00 for a fee. If you use that ATM every day for a month and say it charged $3.00 each time that is $90 a month. That is 2 full tanks of gas, or groceries for the month. Over a year period that is $1056.00 a year. That is an extra mortgage payment a year.

2. Sign up for “FREE” Rewards- Nowadays, store’s offer a free rewards card. If you have to purchase the card or buy so much to get the card then its really not free. But if you shop at stores and they offer a free rewards card and it will save you so much then why not. Set up another email account strictly for these stores. Check that email every once in a while to see if they are having special deals, put all these cards in one wallet so that everything is together. Then if you shop there you are ready to save. Click here for more details.

3. Cancel old magazines, catalogs, unused memberships. Why spend the money on things that we don’t use and that end up in the trash. I got rid of my magazine subscription and have now saved $100 for the year. Not much but it is savings.

Financial Links: www.simpledollar.com

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