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Perfect Holiday Gifts

If you are scrambling for holiday gifts for teachers, mothers, sisters, BFFs, anyone really – get your tail to Nest and Two Queen Bees Confiserie (under the same roof, in Holladay).  I just purchased the most adorable and delectable treats  for all of the above mentioned types of people.

If you want to spend $10, no problem.  $20?  You’ll be shocked how far that will take you.  $50?  Boy, that person must be high on your list.  Even the items under $100 are absolute steals considering how lovely they are.

What’s fun and fabulous there right this minute: Darling mugs like the Keep Calm and Carry On series filled with sugar cookie and s’more candy bites.  They wrap your gifts in lovely bags, add grosgrain ribbon and tissue paper – voila!  All you have to do now is deliver your most-wanted gifts and field all the ohs and ahs when they are unwrapped.  Check folks off your list at Nest and Two Queen Bees today!  4699 South Holladay Boulevard.

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