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50-90% Off Cookies, Nuts, & Organic Yummies!

Why bother baking for your New Year’s Eve party when Mrs. Field’s Cookies is ready?  Pick up a $50.00 gift certificate from the Awesome of Groupon for a mere $25.00.  You’ll find it  under the Austin Holiday Store.

The Nutty Guys are offering a $25.00 voucher for only $10.00, and this can be used on shipping as well.  I went online yesterday and picked up a while bunch of organic treats for my girlie Candice’s birthday.  You’ll find this offer under Harrisburg.

Speaking of organic, Nature’s Prime Organic Foods has a really gorgeous selection right now–you can get $75.00 worth of amazing food for only $35.00.  This offer is listed under Chicago today.

Speaking of parties, there’s some great wine options on Groupon today– has $60.00 worth of wine for only $30.00…that’s under the San Diego Holiday Store offerings.  OneHopeWine is giving $100.00 worth of wine for only $45.00–but there’s more.  50% of the value of each bottle is given to charity.  And, your Groupon can be applied to shipping as well.  Find that offer under Denver.

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