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Host A Kraft Cooking Party!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is rolling out it’s new Cooking Creme line–all kinds of lovely sauces to spark up yet another night of chicken.  They’re inviting you to apply to host a cooking party to try out the new line.  Just click here to apply–you may need to become a member of Kraft First Taste to be eligible, but there’s piles of freebees and coupons involved here, missy!  Good luck!  Let us know if you’re selected.

For the Host:

  • 4 Gratuity coupons for PHILLY Cooking Creme
  • 1 GreenPan Signature Stainless Steel Skillet
  • 1 PHILLY Cooking Creme Oven Mitt

For Hosts and Guests:

  • 16 PHILLY Cooking Creme Coupons
  • 16 PHILLY Cooking Creme Recipe Booklets
  • 16 PHILLY Cooking Creme Notepads
  • 16 PHILLY Cooking Creme Magnets
  • 16 PHILLY Cooking Creme Wooden Spoons

(Editor’s note: by the way, if you’re a fan of Todd English, the famous chef–they’ll be selecting one party to interact live with him on the Home Shopping Show.  Your well-deserved fame, at last!)

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