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Up To 70% Off Kid’s Clothes, Accessories & Organizational Goods will be the utter ruin of me–but I will have the most adorably dressed children in North America.  (Editor’s note: Zachie and MacLean may be 10, but it still hasn’t occurred to them that I’m dressing them up like my own little mannequins.  When they develop awareness of fashion sense of their own, they are going to be SO TICKED OFF.)  Behold the Fabulous:

KangaRoom has all manner of adorable storage pouches and devices to keep your kid’s room tody.  But I love them because it keeps everything visible so the twins aren’t tearing everything open to find that one Transformer toy.  Everything’s up to 50% off today on Zulily. Shop here.

While we’re on the subject of stinky boys, I’ve always felt it was unfair that girls had cooler clothes.  That’s because I hadn’t seen D-Extreme yet.  Killerclothes–kind of skater/surfer cool and everything’s up to 70% off today.  Shop here.

Moving on to the little girls–nothing more precious than all the accessories and clothes at Bibi and Mimi, and everything on the site is $6.99 today.  Seriously.  $6.99.  Shop here.

Keeping everything organized instead of strewn across the refrigerator is a dream of mine…sigh.  Keep grubby little fingers at bay with Kinderville’s Little Bites Storage Jars. They’re all 50% off today…shop here.

How cool is this?  Labels–but cute labels–customized in any way you like to make life (and our messy children) more organized.  Label Daddy is $25.00 off today.  Shop here.

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