Homemade Valentine Gifts

For Valentine’s gifts this year I wanted to make it a bit more meaningful and make it a homemade Valentines.  I want the little ones to know that all my love went into making gifts that they will use.  In all honesty they won’t give a rats, but it will make me feel better 🙂

For the big boys I will be making their very own Art Books through Lulu.  I have taken pictures of past art and will put it in a photo book that they will  treasure.  I don’t know about your little ones, but mine ABSOLUTELY LOVE looking at past art!

I came across this book sling a while back and thought the boys would adore having one right by their bed.  Maybe to put their new art book in 🙂

(photo from Penny Carnival)

Loud brother has quite the imagination!  So a puppet theatre would be perfect.

(photo from Country Living)

And this color book would be perfect for Sissie girl.

(photo from Everyday Celebration)

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