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Scary Signs During Pregnancy

What’s more scary than not having access to a toilet while you’re pregnant…….TONS of things.

I had a scare (and still am totally freaked out) about some cramping that I am SO not enjoying.  I know it’s been awhile since I was pregnant last, but I don’t remember it ‘hurting’ in this way right off the bat.  The cramping started and then has become a dull ache in my lower abdomen.  So, I looked it up online (thank heavens for Google and the Internet!) and all the health/pregnancy websites such as  Babies Online and AmericanPregnancy.Org said that it’s normal to have cramping while the uterus is growing at such a rapid rate.  This has given me some comfort, but there have been tears, worry, and some saddening of my soul.

Maybe I’ve become a weak ‘baby’ since the last time I was expecting…all I know is I so am not down with pain starting in this soon!  I am going to call my gyno and chat w/the nurse to see if I can’t get in for a check.  It’s hard when you are only this far (I’m thinking 7 week’s-ish) along because there’s not a whole lot the medical profession can do for you.  Prayers.  A whole lotta prayers!  We shall see how this up coming week goes.

Did any of you who actually remember having your babies experience this???


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