Get Acquainted with Japan

When I asked my boys what country they wanted to learn about this month, Japan popped out of their mouths.  Japan huh, OK, perfect I thought.   The week before we had gone to see Emperor’s New Clothes at The Children’s Theatre.  It’s a comedy based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen as retold in Japan.  The kids were laughing through the whole performance .

This week we followed the play up by learning more about Japan.  I came across this great website for kids.  We learned about the history, food, housing, and culture of Japan.

We tried sushi and tempura.  We even ate with chopsticks, which I found amusing.

These two were the ninjas of the chopsticks!

We had a blast making origami frogs.  They are now our new pets!

It was really neat to learn about Japan’s traditions and customs, hopefully someday we will be able to visit!

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