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How To: Use a Photoshop clipping mask for scrapbooking

I wanted to start Photoshop 101 with what I see as a really simple basis for beginning digital scrap booking. It is called using clipping masks and there are so many different ways to use them as well as create them. Lets start with the basics. I’m going to start with a template that I bought from Angie Monson. You can check out her designs here.

1. Open the template in Photoshop. Here is a screen shot of mine.

2. Make sure you are aware of the layers palette. It is in the right lower hand corner of the screen. This an important area for ALL projects. You need to be aware of it and what it does. For now just make sure you know where it is located. It looks like the photo below.

3. Open your pictures that you will be inserting into your template. Then drag them to their own window. (This simply means you will be able to see both your photo and your template at the same time. If you are not sure how to drag them to their own window, look for the top tabs with the photo names along the top of your open document window. Click the tab with your photo on it and drag it away from the screen you are currently on. The following picture shows what the top tabs look like.

This picture shows what your screen should look like when the photo is dragged away from your template.

4. Make sure your photo is selected. Move your  mouse to the layers palette. Select Background and drag it onto your template. Your document should then look something like this. Make sure that the layer you just placed into your document is above the shape of where you would like it to be placed.

See How my photo layer is above the shape I plan to clip it to below

5. Right click the photo layer and select create clipping mask.

6. Adjust your photo to fit the shape and move around as desired. Select a corner and hold shift to adjust size without distorting the image.

That is it! Simple! My finished template looks like this.

Experiment in making your own shapes to clip photos to as well. You can really do a number of different things with this. It will make your photo pages standout and it is pretty fun to do! Good luck! Don’t hesitate to ask questions here heidi@monkeyfacephotography.com or comment below! As always to learn more about my photography and work find me here or on facebook.

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  1. rani 03/28/2011 at 3:55 pm

    great info and easy to follow tutorial!!! Thanks!

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    Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best!