Scales and Tails Party Fun

My little ones, all 4 of them, are obsessed with animals.  One of our best field trips is to the pet store to get crickets for our Leopard Gecko, Red Belly Toads, and Tortoise.  My husband jokes that in order to have room for all these reptiles we will have to move loud brother out of his room.  The big boys are already figuring out a way to get a chameleon.  They are up in the night!

So it made sense for big brother to have a Scales and Tails birthday party.

We snapped a picture of him with Leo the Gecko for the invitation that said Leo the Gecko wants you to meet more of Logan’s friends with “Scales and Tails.”

Decor was all things green, slithery, and reptilian.

And the hit of the show was Shane, the owner of Scales and Tails.  Man was I on pins and needles with all the snakes, but was calmed down by the humor of Shane.  His facial expressions and animation were priceless!  I would book him for adults as well.

Big brother got a cool shirt he wears weekly and was Shane’s right hand man.

I was blown away with the amount of animals he brought.  What I loved was that the kids were learning as well as being entertained.  Shane was very knowledgeable and taught in a way the kids could understand as well as teaching them that pets are hard work and a lot of responsability!  You are telling me!

After the show the kids were able to hold the snakes for some pictures.

We had our snake cake and the guests walked away with their own little reptile to paint however they wanted.

We will definitely be using Scales and Tails again for more birthday fun!!


Disclaimer: Scales and Tails is an advertiser on Utah Mama, but my opinions are my own.

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