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I look sexy in my man’s shirt

A wardrobe can be like a refrigerator full of the same thing every day…it can get boring. This can be especially true if you’re pregnant. Your stylish and sexy wardrobe has been replaced by pieces that all claim to STRETCH! Aren’t you tired of that word? By the time I hit this point in my pregnancy, I am hysterically crying, throwing clothes all over the place, and telling my husband that I look fat in everything and that it’s all his fault.

Here’s my solution to let out some of that frustration; take it out on your man’s clothes! Grab one of his nice T-shirts and cut off the collar for that “off the shoulder look”. Turn it inside out and pinch up the sides a little and sew it straight up so it’s ruched. Do it on the sleeves too!  It makes the perfect maternity shirt and works great for postpartum as well. That’s what he gets for complaining that I always shrink his shirts, I wish my hips would shrink= so there.

This is what happened to my husband’s shirt the last time he crossed me.

Not daring enough to tear up one of your man’s tees? Grab one of his nice button ups and flaunt that baby bump 🙂 Don’t worry you won’t ruin it, but he might not want to wear it after his friends see how good YOU look in it. Oh the male ego…

Check out this snazzy outfit!

So go ahead and dig through your man’s closet. If he questions you, just act like you’re nauseous or say you want to to “talk”…hopefully that will get him to leave you alone just long enough to find that perfect top! Happy hunting 🙂

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