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Get the most from your checking account

Lately in the mail I’ve been getting flyers (junk mail) from financial institutions about opening a checking account at their institution. On these flyers it states, “Open a checking account and get a gift.” I don’t need a free gift that will add to my clutter. The only gift I’d like is the gift of outstanding customer service. A smile when I walk in, helpfulness while I’m with the teller/loan officer and a have a great day when I leave. The feeling that you matter is the best gift, not a football or a lamp.

If you’re opening a new checking account or have an existing account, make sure you’re getting the most out of your checking account. Ask your institution if they offer a free checking account, such as no annual fee’s or monthly fee’s. What you need is to get free checks, even though checks are a bit out of style. Some institutions have programs where if you have a certain amount of money in the account you get an amount off of such things like travelers cheques, cashiers checks and money orders.

So whereever your checking account is at, the next time you’re in the branch just ask. You might be surprised.

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