I am a mother to two awesome kids, and have been married to my favorite hubby (okay, my only hubby, but still my favorite!) since October 1999. Our favorite thing to do is get out of the house and find adventures! I am the founder and creator of Enjoy Utah!, a site dedicated to helping families get out of the house and see all that Utah has to offer! I contribute as a blog writer for the Salt Lake Visitors Bureau, and also write CityGuides for SheKnows.com.. I am excited to be a part of Today's Mama! I co-own a DJ Business with my hubby, and also do the online marketing and manage the blog and social media for Gines Auto Service.

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Park City Ghost Tours

If you are looking for an experience that combines bone-chilling stories with historical facts, look no further, because Park City Ghost Tours has it all! You do not need to wait for October to experience a good ghost story. Park City Ghost Tours operates year-round, every day at 6pm and 8pm, rain or shine. Each walking tour is about 70 minutes.

You begin at Miner’s Park on Park City’s Main Street, and walk around the historic section of Park City learning about historical events and people that used to (or still do!) live there. Each story that is told can be backed up by historical facts and documents of people that lived there, and the events that took place. Because you don’t actually go inside the buildings to “summons” the ghosts, this tour is suitable for all ages. It is great to hear the stories and also learn about the history of Park City in the process.

This is a great experience for all members of the family. Make sure you check the weather report and dress accordingly. You do not want anything to interfere with your experience of the ghost tour.

You can read our review and watch a video of our experience on Enjoy Utah!’s website. We got to experience this twice, and I would go a hundred more times! Our first tour was with Hutch (Eric Hutchins, founder), and our second tour was with Amanda. Both guides were equally knowledgable, and showed us a great time with stories that left us wanting to return again with friends.

Visit the Park City Ghost Tours website to book your tour!

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