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Mother’s Day Brunch

One of my favorite traditions is having my mom and grandma come to my house for a Mother’s Day Brunch. I love it for several reasons: spending time honoring two women who have shaped my life, enjoying the camaraderie of family relationships, the fact that my husband always makes sure the yard looks awesome the day the come….. But if we’re going to be honest, a major bonus for me is the food.

I love breakfast/brunch foods. It’s the only time where you can get away with something oozing carbs and covered in cream cheese frosting and call it a meal. Or, you can load up on the savories– ham, bacon, eggs, sausage– then pair it with a light fruit salad and feel like you’ve still covered most of the basic food groups.

I also love to find new recipes, and have decided to let you in on the ones that look yummiest to me. Of course, I won’t be making all of them this weekend (that would be plain gluttonous), but I do plan on making a few. Take your pick!

Sweet Treats:

Chocolate Cream Cheese Crescents from Pillsbury

Sugar and Spice Fruit Dip from Pillsbury

Orange Poppyseed Muffins from Make It Do

Cinnamon Rolls from Tasty Kitchen

Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes from Tasty Kitchen

Savory Sensations:

Crustless Ham and Egg Tarts from Divine Dinner Party

Basil Breakfast Strata from Pillsbury

Eggs Benedict from Tasty Kitchen

Easy Breakfast Crescent Braid from Our Best Bites

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