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Money wise for baby

Preparing for a new bundle of joy is easy & hard.  You’re excited for the new arrival, but then think… can I afford it. I’ve been helping a few friends who are having their first babies get ready. The questions they asked me is how did I prepare, not only for my second, but to stay home as well. This is what I told them…. beware some of these statements are blunt.

1. Cut back on your luxuries. Do you need your nails & toes done every two weeks?Do you need to go tanning? Do you need all those magazine subscriptions? Do you need to go out to eat every day for lunch & or dinner? Do you really need to go clothes shopping? Do you need those fake eyelashes?

I Stopped tanning & buy the Jergens tanning lotion. That is a $30 savings right there a month. Magazine subscriptions- they’re all on the web, that can be a $20-$50 savings or more depending on how many magazines you read (or let sit). Make your lunches & take to work, plan your dinner meals & freeze them so they’re ready to go. Go through your closet & see what you haven’t worn in a while. I cleaned my closet out & my clothes had babies. I swear!! I had clothes that I had bought 2-3 years ago that STILL had the tags on them. Shop in your closet, you’d be surprised.

2. Put money aside for the delivery- You have 9 months to save for this. I opened a savings account at a different credit union & had money transferred to that savings account from each paycheck. This was our “baby” fund. The money there was to be used for the crib, stroller, car seat, changing table, rocking chair, all the bigger items that you don’t get at a baby shower. This account was also used for the fun ol’ hospital bill that comes a few weeks after. This fund helps A LOT. You’re home with your new baby, you don’t need the added stress of trying to find money to pay these bills. Hospital Collections are killer for your credit score.

3. Buy bigger sized diapers & Formula- It really is good to be stocked up on things. At baby showers you get newborns & maybe size 1’s. Your baby does grow. Instead of buying small sizes start at size 2 & 3. Buy one package a check or a month. When you’re at 7 months start buying formula, one large can at a time.

Doing these few simple things really adds up in those 9 months & can ease the stress on you.

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