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Maternity summer essentials

If you’re going to be pregnant through these hot summer months, a wardrobe re-vamp is a must. Unlike winter, where you can layer some of your summer items to make it through the season, the warmer months calls for less clothing and this can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some ideas and tips to help you get through it not just comfortably, but with style!

1: Get a belly band- Preferably a cotton one, they are a lot cooler than spandex. The longer you can make those non-maternity shorts, capris and skirts last, the better!

2: Convertible pants- You need at least one pair of long pants for those days when you can’t or don’t feel like shaving your legs. Seriously, shaving while pregnant can be dangerous and exhausting! You can’t even tie your own shoes, how are you supposed to shave behind the knees and let’s not even get into the bikini line….yikes. With the convertible pants you can wear them long and then roll them up to capris whenever you want.

3: Tanks tanks and more tanks! I love the longer tanks and the ones that are made for maternity and nursing so you can get more use out of them. They are a must because you can wear them alone, under t-shirts, and layer even more if your pregnancy carries you into some of the cooler months. Just throw a jacket over it and you have a whole new look.

4: Yoga capris/gauchos-I’ve seen women dress these up with cute tops and cute wedges or down with flip flops, tennis shoes, and a basic comfy top.

5: Sun dresses-2 or 3 of these will work. It’s all about accessorizing to make them look different each time. Throw on a jacket, accessorize in your hair, wrap a belt around them…the possibilities are endless!

6: Basic tops with ruched sides.-They’re popping up everywhere! These tops are the most flattering on a pregnant figure. They really accentuate the belly and slim everything else. If you don’t have any then get a couple. They are made in a variety of styles and colors. Motherhood has them, Shade Maternity is great, as well as Old Navy Target and Khols.

Remember to celebrate your pregnancy! The comment I hear the most is that cute maternity clothing was non existent back in the days when our mothers were carrying US in the womb so have fun with your options. Another piece of advice if you’re on a tight budget….borrow and buy used!

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