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Win A $100.00 Kohl’s Gift Card!

Now that you’ve spent all your money outfitting the offspring for school, dare I suggest a trip to Kohl’s for you?  We’ve got a $100.00 Kohl’s gift card to give away this week from That Went Well.  Pair that with all the 15% and 20% passes they’re offering, and you could do some serious damage, eh?

Now, how to win?  Simply subscribe to our free daily email updates, “friend” us on Facebook or “follow” on Twitter.  All three options displayed in a handy sort of way in the upper right hand corner of the main page at That Went Well.  Then, leave us a comment here to let us know you’re with the “In Crowd.”  Already the colored sprinkles on my sugar cookie?  Just drop a comment from the fabulousness of you.  We’ll draw a winner on Sunday, 8.28.11.  Good luck!


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