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Maternity bottoms- It’s ok, I’m with the band!

Anyone whos been pregnant in the past couple years has been lucky enough to experience the wide variety now offered in maternity jeans, pants, shorts, capris, and skirts. There are so many different styles of bands, I feel like they surpass the different bra styles at victorias secret.

No panel (real waist), low band, demi band, fold over band, full panel…overalls???!!! Hey, Heidi Klum’s maternity overalls are way cuter than the farmer ones made years ago.

Anywhoo, which style do you choose? I think it really depends on your body shape and what stage you are in your pregnancy. Some bands work fine through 2 or 3 trimesters….let’s not talk about a 4th trimester.

I found that the low bands are more comfortable with first time moms, moms that have longer torsos, moms carrying high, and moms in their first trimester. The low bands tend to put more pressure right on the bladder when your baby bump gets way out there. The further out your belly grows it begins to fold the band over and create a really irritating crease in the elastic…grrrr

Real waist jeans seem to work for a wide range of women. They sit under the belly just like regular jeans. If you have smaller hips with not so much curves (like myself), they may tend to slide down a little.

Fold over bands are pretty cool. The top looks similar to yoga pants and you can create the same look by simply using a belly band over some non-maternity jeans. These are really comfortable to wear for a couple months after baby is born 🙂

Demi panels are most comfortable in the first and second trimester. It’s common for the top of the band to become to tight once the belly is way out there. This is sometimes not a problem if you are carrying really low because the top of the band sits above the baby or if the band is softer rather than very hard and thick.

Full panels are a pregnant woman’s best friend. I’ve discovered that a lot of first time moms are turned off by these pants when they see them on the hanger. I mean really, they don’t look very cool. But an experience maternity clothes wearer knows, these things are COMFY! They are very thin, stretchy, and go way up over the whole belly. This may be too warm for summer months, but the pay off is worth it. No more pants falling down, butt crack exposed. No more tees bunching up at the belly to expose what’s left of your own umbilical cord, no one likes their belly peeking out. I found that full panel bottoms are the easiest to wear throughout the whole pregnancy.

My best advice: TRY ON EVERYTHING! It’s a pain when you’re pregnant, but it’s even more of a pain when something doesn’t fit, you have to go back to exchange something, or just end up wasting your hard earned money.

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