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What do Mary Poppins and Criss Angel have in common???

Alyssa, 11 and in Vegas!

My youngest daughter Alyssa turned 11 last week. She barely made the Sept. 1st deadline, so she is a young 6th grader. I told all 3 of my daughters that they could have big birthday parties for kindergarten, 3rd and 6th grade. This was her year, and she was now in middle school!!! To my surprise, Alyssa had a very different request. She wanted to go see Criss Angel in Vegas. (Does anyone else see the irony of taking their 11 year old to Vegas for her birthday?).

So my husband and I made arrangements for the older two girls and we headed off with her. We had a great time. No sisters and her parents undivided attention. She kept asking us questions about the stratospere and the rides at the top. She surprised us by riding 3 of them while her chicken parents looked on. Check out her photo below. She is just heading out over the edge. By the way Insanity and X-Scream were made in Logan,  Utah.

Alyssa - Over the edge on INSANITY!!!

So you might ask, What does Mary Poppins and Criss Angel have in common? Well it turns out that the Criss Angel show was PG13…..I cringed more than once. I didn’t know that before I booked the tickets and everyone I talked to never mentioned it. They said Alyssa would love it (which she did). I do have to say that they had a sign posted at the Will Call counter. By then, I had already had my tickets for 3 months. So just a warning for anyone headed down to see him. When the Capitol Theater decided to offer BOGO tickets for this weekends to their Mary Poppins show at the  Capitol Theater, I thought this would be the perfect way to balance out the Criss Angel experience (OK, OK, I know that I am a parenting coach…but we all learn from our experiences!). Anyway, Alyssa and I are headed to the matinee on Sunday. Anyone want to join us???

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