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Hiking For All Ages: Nobletts Trail

We hiked Nobletts Trailhead with our two children, ages five and seven (oh, excuse me, “seven and a half mom!”), and they absolutely loved it! The intensity level was perfect for their ability, and wasn’t too hard for mom and dad either.

This trail is mostly shaded, and can be enjoyed by all ages. About 3/4 the way to the end of the trail, you will come upon a small grassy meadow. We love stopping there and eating lunch. When you reach the end of the trail, you will see a small waterfall/spring coming out of the mountain.

Make sure you take time to stop at many spots on the way up for pictures and to enjoy the scenery. There are many opportunities to talk about the age of trees, the plants to stay away from, how water comes out of the mountain to create a river, and different shapes and colors of rocks and flowers.

Learning about the age of a tree

Located East of Woodland and Kamas, Nobletts is easy to find. From Salt Lake City take I-80, and travel eastbound up Parley’s Canyon. Take the Heber exit, and head right (Southbound). From there, watch for exit 4 towards Kamas. Take that exit and turn left (Eastbound). You are going to follow this road until you come into Kamas. At the first stoplight, turn right (Southbound). Travel down this road, and watch for a four-way stop. When you come to it, you will know it’s the right one because a cute little country store will be on the South-West corner of the intersection. Turn left (Eastbound). Follow this road until you see mile marker 11. After you have passed that, watch on the left hand side for signs that say “Nobletts Trailhead”. There will be a large parking lot and restrooms. Park there, and take the trail to the springs.

After your hike, make sure you come back here and report back to me if your family enjoyed Nobletts as much as we did!

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