Utah State Fair

I got a call from my Dad this morning asking if we’d go to the fair with him tonight.  Of course, we LOVE the fair!  The 2 big boys were at a birthday party so the little ones got to experience the Utah State Fair for the first time.  As I walked through the gates with my Dad a flood of memories came rushing back.  We attended the fair every year growing up.  I could tell being there with me and my little ones was quite nostalgic for my Dad.

First, we checked in on the pigs and found these cute little things!

Then headed over to the sheep to see them being sheared.

The little ones felt how soft the wool was.  Do you know how much wool is sold for? $1 a pound.  Not very much!

As we finished our livestock tour, the cows and goats were being milked and I was reminded how hard these farms work.  My Dad would get up early each morning to milk their cow and feed all the animals.  I loved hearing his stories again and having my little ones hear them as well.  We started a new tradition tonight!  Five years down the road I can already hear my little girl say “Grandpa, you have already told me this story.”  To which I will just laugh.

I love that the fair has so much to offer.  As we walked through the exhibits we soon realized we wanted to enter the Utah State Fair for next year.  Would that not be the funnest!  So…we started assigning family members categories.

HUGE pumpkins!  My category…I am obsessed with them.  So sad, I know!

A Veggie Kids Corner, perfect for my big boys.

Square dancing for the hubby and I.  Ok, probably won’t happen, but LOVED watching them!

And a little art for the artists in my family.  We have a lot!

Now I will leave you with this parting picture…she was so obsessed with the bunnies!  You know that part in Of Mice and Men when George pets the rabbit?  Well that was my little sis!


Start making your own memories and head on over to the fair.


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