Farmers Market Fun

I know you are probably thinking summer is over, why go to the farmers market?  Well my friend this is the best time to go.  The tomatoes are ready for salsa, the peaches ready to be canned, and apricots ready for leather. My sons meandered along looking for a new veggie they wanted to try, while I took in all the eye candy.

You can’t help but smile at the entertainment around every corner.

We listened to this AMAZING band while eating Snowies and playing with these bad boys!

We were in AWE of all the COOL booths showcasing people’s talents.

We devoured all the WONDERFUL ethnic foods… empanadas, falafels, and Mediterranean chicken skewers. The boys couldn’t leave without something to quench their thirst, you better believe the freshly squeezed mint limeade did the job!

For a listing of farmer’s markets in your area see this listing.  Don’t let another year pass you by without experiencing a farmer’s market 🙂


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