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Cure for allergies?

I’ve talked about my voo doo man before . . . and it’s time to talk about him again!

Looking for a cure for allergies? I have a child who was born allergic to just about everything in the world. At this point I can’t even remember how I found Dr. Anderson in the first place but I’m glad we did. He is an NAET practitioner in SLC.

If my child had a reaction to peaches, I could take her for an appointment, he would clear her for peaches, her rash would start clearing up on our way out and she could eat peaches the day after without a problem (or a problem ever again). She used to have 4 foods in her diet. She can eat just about anything now but we are still working through our list of items that she has allergies too (she had a lot).

A lot of people have gone to see Dr. Anderson because of seeing my little girl’s progress and I continue to be amazed at the amazing stories that I hear.

  • I have a neighbor who couldn’t wear closed toed shoes for over 10 years because they triggered some sort of reaction in her feet. She’s been wearing shoes without a problem for almost 2 years now since starting to work with NAET.
  • I have a friend who went the other day because her child had mono and had been feeling down for weeks, the very next day she woke up and said “Mom! I feel better today”.
  • I have another friend who took her daughter in because she was throwing up at random for weeks upon weeks. Through testing they figured out she had a problem with Vitamin C and Calcium. They treated it and the vomiting disappeared.

I could go on . . . and on . . .

He does a free consult to explain it. You’ll probably think it’s bananas because I can’t totally explain why it works so well. It’s a mix of acupressure and dealing with specific electromagnetic frequencies that your body has problems with. Whether it’s seasonal allergies, food allergies, or things you wouldn’t expect like an allergy to the sun, or the cold, I’ve seen people treated for it.

It’s the time of year when he does his friends and family special which is why I’m posting it here.

From Dr. Anderson:

We are offering the first day testing and treatment at half-price for your family and friends that you refer before the Oct. 22  event. They will need to call before Oct. 22, however, they can schedule  the actual appointment for any day whether before or after the 22nd.

Apologies for posting a little late! That means you’ve got today to book your half off appointment! If you want to book or go for the free consult call:

Dr. Thomas Anderson


I’ll probably run into you there one of these days!

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