The Little Ones Must Play

While the big boys are away the little ones and I must play.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having the big boys at school so my 2 and 3 year olds can have more mommy time.  Less fighting! Less messes! More patience 🙂 I feel like I have entered a whole new realm.  We’ve been heading out once a week for some “little ones” field trips, I sometimes forget what I used to do with the big boys when they were little, so I’m bringing it back around.

We’ve been going….

on Nature Walks to collect leaves

to make these (leaves between contact paper).

We had to….

visit the ducks and fight off the geese.  It had been quite awhile 🙂

We were learning about animals hibernating and

had to build a bear cave.

Wheeler Farm or Farm country is a must in the fall.

It’s so endearing to see how excited my little ones get about the goats,

or barn kitty,

or riding a pony.

And finally a good ole story time to round off the list. We enjoy Book Baby at Anderson City Library, but really any library will do.

I am learning as my big boys have grown up WAY TO FAST to enjoy and soak up the time I have with my little ones.  To quit caring about having a clean house or getting to do the million blog projects I’d love to do but, to cherish my little rascals!





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