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Kicked Out of the Kitchen on Thanksgiving!


Turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and rolls







I always think that it is interesting how one house in a family gets designated as the “get together” house. This is the house where most of the large family events are. Sometimes it because they have the biggest house, sometimes because they are the one that loves to entertain, and sometimes it happens by default. My middle daughter has already stated that when they get older, all of the family gatherings will be at her older sister’s house because then she knows that she will get really great food. Well at our house they have decided not to wait until they are older. Earlier this week, I was informed that I would not be needed in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. This is not because I can’t cook (I had to throw that out there). This is because I have a 14 year old that not only loves to cook, loves the sight and smells of food, but she LOVES to feed people. She also said that my 12 year old was going to be helping….. WOW…..considering that one likes to boss, and the other does not like to take orders, I was interested in watching this-

Well, dinner went off without a hitch. As usual when she cooks, the food was great. I was invited into the kitchen to make my famous gravy (Ashley still hasn’t matched that and it frustrates her to no end. Either that or she is giving me that as a consolation so I don’t feel bad for being kicked out of the kitchen). Besides what is pictured, she also made a homemade pumpkin mousse pie and homemade cornbread stuffing. I can see this as the start of a new family tradition…..


Ashley chopping awayGoofy Amanda helping out


Goofy Amanda helping out


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