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Give Local Authors To Your Teen This Christmas

I love books. I just really love them, whether it’s picture books I read with my little ones, biographies of impressive historical figures, or silly chic lit romances by Sophie Kinsella. All books are good books to me.

But some books are great books. Some books make you think. Some books make you cry. Some books even make you read. They are so riveting that you become immersed, letting time slip away while you sit cozy on your couch with a book in your hand.

It’s tricky to find these kind of books for teenagers because they are so attached to their friends/gadgets/activities. Two local authors have managed to do it this year and their books would make a great last-minute Christmas gift for the teen on your list.

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

This is story is out of the box for Evans, whose feel-good novels I always purchase for my grandmother. Michael Vey is a teenage boy with special powers. Due to some odd circumstances in the hospital when he was born, Michael has electric powers that can shock. He is surprised when he meets a girl with similar powers, and when they begin to look into the source of their powers, danger sneaks in. Michael overcomes harrowing situations to protect the ones he loves. Teen boys will be drawn in by the fast pace of the story.

















Crossed by Ally Condie

Crossed is the sequel to Condie’s bestseller Matched that came out last year. In this story Cassia risks everything to find Ky, whom the Society has taken away from her. Her search leads her not only back to the boy she loves, it also reveals a world she has never known. Cassia is once again forced to evaluate her values and her heart as she decides which path to choose and which people she can truly trust. This is a great, clean teen romance; perfect for the girl on your list.


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  1. Michelle Powell 12/27/2011 at 4:25 pm

    LOVE giving and receiving books as gifts! There is nothing else like it, and you give somebody a whole new world when you present them with a book! 🙂