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Top 3 maternity wardrobe problems AND solutions

I’m sure if I compiled a list of maternity clothing complaints, we would find a lot more than just three, but here are the top complaints I hear from women and hopefully some solutions to help you get through the next couple of months!

1) The awkward “in-between” stage.

Every woman is different and this awkward stage hits women at various points in their pregnancy. There are a lot of different factors such as what number pregnancy this is for them, are they carrying multiples, and what is their body type. Typically, a first time mom will start showing later than a mother who has been pregnant before. Regardless, there will be that day when you can’t button your pants but you can’t quite fit maternity jeans…yet. Here are a couple solutions.

  • Go up a size. Many women do this but it’s not a solution I prefer because you may be left with clothing that fits good in the belly area but is too loose in the arms, chest, thigh, buttocks area….etc
  • The rubber-band trick. Whoever came up with this was a genius and the solution is great but temporary. The idea is that you loop a rubber band through your button hole on your pants and then pull it over and loop it on the button. There are some products out there that accomplish the same thing but with a cleaner look. The down side is that sometimes the button shows through your tops and the zipper area will start to bulge out. Also, the rubber band will only stretch so far before it starts to dig into your skin…Owwww!
  • Belly Band– I’ve posted multiple times about belly bands because I believe they are a pregnant woman’s BFF. They have so many uses but the best things about them is that they enable you to wear your non-maternity jeans! This applies to both pregnancy and postpartum….they work great while you’re working on losing that baby weight. Click here to read about it.

Belly Bands

2. Too short shirts – Nothings worse than showing off your bare belly when that isn’t your intention. Maybe at work, out at a restaurant, or at your child’s school. This is more common with tall women or for those with babies who are trying to grow away from your body (my case)! I once had a picture taken with some girlfriends and later went to look at it and what did I find? My shirt was coming up and I had the smallest sliver of belly hanging out at 8 months pregnant. Everyone though it was cute….I wanted to barf.

  • Solution: Of course a belly band 🙂 But also, layering some long stretchy maternity camis always does the trick. Thankfully, some maternity clothing manufacturers are getting the point and making a lot of maternity tops longer to accomodate women with longer torsos.

3. Lumps and lines. I love how form fitting maternity clothes are nowadays. Customers frequently shop with their mothers in my store and we always hear the same comment “They didn’t have clothes like this back when I was pregnant!” Well thank goodness for that! Maternity clothing years ago were made to conceal the bump, not flaunt it. This resulted in women walking around looking like tents. The down side to fitted clothing when you’re pregnant, is that it shows every little lump and bump that you might not want others  to see such as love handles.

  • Solution: Layers, camis, and maternity spanx! These are easy solutions that can help smooth lines but also provide a little bit of support and give a little boost of confidence.


If you are going through any of these problems, hopefully I’ve given you some simple solutions to make your pregnancy a little more enjoyable!

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