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Win A $100.00 JC Penney Gift Card!

I don’t know if it’s the Universe taunting me, but I’ve noticed a whole bunch of really darling baby deals on JC Penney this week–RIGHT AFTER I finished Zoe’s nursery.  But no matter what the bargain you’re after, you can’t get much more hardcore than JC Penney, eh?  Want a $100.00 JC Penney gift cardto dance through the aisles with?  Here’s how to win…

Contests over at That Went Well tend to be simple to enter–mainly because I’m a simpleton and too many steps confuse me–so all you’ll need to do is follow us on Twitter, “friend” us on Facebook, subscribe to our free daily email updates or follow on Pinterest.  You’re allowed one entry per each way you’re connected to us, so join away.  Because my attention span is short–”SQUIRREL!” I tend to post new and different deals and ideas on various formats throughout the day.  You’ll always find something you like.  Just click on any of the direct links you’ll find listed in a handy sort of way in the upper right hand corner of the main page by clicking HERE.  Once you’ve connected to us, just leave a comment so I know you’re my Golden Child.  Already the center of my Universe?  Drop me a comment to enter.  We’ll draw a winner on Sunday, January 29,  2012.  Good luck

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  1. Michelle Powell 01/27/2012 at 7:42 am

    I heard that JCPenney is clearing out all their inventory and starting with new inventory, so they are having killer deals right now. That $100 will go a LONG way! 🙂