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Financial Tip #5: Check Your Insurance Coverage

Have you checked your insurance coverage lately?

To be completely honest…. I haven’t checked mine in over 2 years. YIKES!! Better get on it if you haven’t. February is almost over (can you believe it), get out your insurance papers, (which should be out for your taxes anyway), get all your documents together and call your insurance company to see if you’re getting the best rate you can. Call a few different companies and get some quotes, it doesn’t hurt to save a little bit of money each month.

Has your family situation changed during the last year? Mine has, we added another baby. Have you purchased another car, RV, ATV, boat, Jet ski’s, trailers etc…, Bigger or smaller house? Moved to a condo or apartment? Things change, so your insurance coverage will change to.

One thing that is a GREAT thing to do, which I am currently in the process of doing is…. video your house. WHAT? you say. Video your possessions, take photos of all of your possessions. By doing this it catalogs your house so in case of a fire, a theft, flood, earthquake, you have actual documentation of what you have in your home for your insurance company. Keep a copy in your safe deposit box, a file on your hard drive, a copy with your insurance company & a copy at a family member’s home you trust. Again, why do this you ask…well… a friend of mine used to sell Tupperware, and her house burnt down. When she was listing all her items her insurance company didn’t believe her. By having documented PROOF of all the wonderful collections us ladies have, we can prove we’re not crazy if we have to file a claim.

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