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Easy Leprechaun Craft

Easy leprechaun craft

Because the weather in Utah is so unpredictable, you need an easy craft for the days when you are stuck inside. Here is an easy leprechaun craft that we discovered on the Family Fun website, and our twist on how to make it without having to go out and buy any extra supplies:

Supplies needed:

  • toilet paper roll
  • paints: green, skin-tone, pink and
  • permanent marker
  • glue
  • piece of cardboard for the feet and hat brim


  1. Paint a small piece of the cardboard green. Trace  a circle shape by using the end of the toilet paper roll onto a piece of cardboard to make the hat brim. Trace a larger circle outside of that circle. Cut out the larger circle, and then the inner circle. The outer circle will now slip perfectly over the top of the toilet paper roll to create the hat brim. Glue the cutout smaller circle onto the top of the toilet paper roll to make the top of the hat.
  2. Draw two oval shapes connected on the piece of cardboard, and paint it green. Cut it out, leaving a small piece at the end to glue on the underside of the toilet paper roll to create the feet.
  3. Paint a face, hair, hands, and belt on the toilet paper roll. With a sharpie marker, draw facial features.
  4. Because we had a box of Lucky Charms on hand, we glued a Lucky Charm marshmallow to the hat for decoration.

You can watch the complete video with instructions on the Family Fun website.

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