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How About…Four Months Of Free Formula? Pediatrician Visits? $225.00 For Expenses?

Are you expecting?  Know someone who is and cannot (or won’t be able to) breastfeed?

I just checked with the study coordinator at Jean Brown Research, and they still have a few openings for new mothers and babies for the infant formula study.    Let me be clear: I truly believe that Breast Is Best.  I nursed the twins for a year.  But some mothers simply cannot breastfeed–for physical, emotional or work issues.  Here’s why I love this study:

For YOUR baby: four months of free formula (about $500.00) visits with a pediatrician and up to $225.00 for expenses.  I know the formula they’re researching–it’s already out on the market, a top-tier formula with all the important additions, like DHA and Lutein.  They’re simply testing it to show a weight gain study for the World Health Organization, who wants to be able to use the formula in third world countries for little ones in need there.

If you’re using infant formula, I love the idea that you’re giving your little one the best start possible with this study.  And it’s wonderful to me that your efforts will also be saving the lives of little ones around the world.  What a wonderful Karmic cycle, eh?  You do need to be local: this is a Utah-based study.  If you’re interested, please click here for more information.  PLEASE pass this info on to someone who might use it–I really want them to have a lot of babies for a strong study.  Thanks!



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