I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Guam! So now this island girl, living in Utah is a mother to two beautiful boys and has been married since 2002. I have aBachelors degree in Business Admin and have worked in the HR field for a couple years, then my ADD self took a sharp right turn after I became pregnant with my second child. I decided to open my own business so I now own Honey Bump Maternity in Layton, UT. www.honeybumpmaternity.com 801-444-0900

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Spring Maternity Styles- Honey Bump Maternity

Spring is in the air (I think), aside from the fact that it hailed and snowed a couple days ago here in northern Utah. The weather is starting to warm up and expecting mamas need cute and comfortable styles to get them through these hotter months! Check out some of these outfits and see what you can  put together. On a tight budget? Try buying it used like at our shop, Honey Bump Maternity. Not only do you get stuff way cheaper, you have a place to sell your stuff after baby arrives 🙂



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  1. Diego Neimeyer 06/07/2012 at 7:29 pm

    I’m a non-scientist who loves reading your website because it is a good place to find unvarnished facts and peer-reviewed analysis. Recently one of your commenters linked to a graphic showing a scaled drawing of the earth and a ball of water next to it. The ball was a representation of the relative volume of all the water on earth. For someone like me it would be nice to have a similar graphic showing the relative volume of earth’s atmosphere next to the earth. I imagine that such a graphic would make it easier to appreciate how adding CO2 the massive amount of CO2 accumulated in biomass and stored underground over the aeons to the atmosphere could have a global warming effect. Such a graph could be forwarded to friends who say they don’t believe in global warming. I recommend that you use more graphics of that sort as communication tools. The findings of climate scientists are not easily understood by many in the general public, and these days their sources of information are badly tainted by power politics. Thank you.