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Win A $100.00 JC Penney Gift Card!

What could a clever frugalista like you find with a big fat $100.00 JC Penney gift card?  Shall we put it to the test?  This week’s giveaway is indeed, a $100.00 spree through JC Penney from That Went Well!

Now, for the winning part: please “friend” us on Facebook, or subscribe to our free daily email updates, or follow on Twitter, or jump on board on Pinterest.   Just look to the upper right hand corner of the main page on That Went Well, you’ll find direct linkies there.  I’ve ended up with so many Social Media children that I tend to post different things on different mediums throughout the day.  Wherever you land, I’ll have a nice fresh deal waiting for you!  You’re welcome to enter to win for every way you support That Went Well, then just leave me a comment on this post to let me know you’re part of the That Went Well community.  For those already part of the “In Crowd,” just drop me a comment letting me know of your general fabulousness, and you’re set!  BTW, my only requirements are aged 18+ and as for nationality, if you can spend the card, you’re qualified.  Good luck!  We’ll draw on Monday, April 23rd.


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